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What is PayPal

Have you ever used PayPal? All around the world, PayPal connects hundreds of millions of people sending and receiving billions of dollars. To get started with PayPal, link your credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts to your PayPal account. Once they are securely linked, you won’t need to enter this information again. Now you can use PayPal online, in stores, or to send money to a friend. Helping people find better ways to pay, get paid and manage money is at the heart of everything we do.  

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Benefits of a PayPal Business Account

A PayPal Business account gives you the flexibility to accept payments wherever you sell, seller protection on eligible purchases, and access to millions of active PayPal accounts worldwide. Learn more about the benefits of opening a PayPal account for your business. 

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How to Apply for and Use PayPal Credit

How to Use PayPal Credit Instead of Your Credit Card to purchase Learn how to apply for and use PayPal Credit. You can enjoy immediate purchasing power, pay later and even take advantage of special financing offers with PayPal Credit.  

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