Why do stewardesses wear a nice watch?

In the Internet age, the use of mechanical watches fell sharply, so why stewardess will wear a watch it?

1. aircraft generally do not allow passengers to use electronic equipment, then the passengers asked flight attendants time, flight attendants can speechless? This is the stewardess wearing a watch to lift the wrist, tell you the time, is not reached for the purpose of your timekeeping?

2. aircraft flight encountered unstable airflow or special circumstances need to release, if the quality of the watch is not good, may be glass surface cracking, accidental injury passengers.

3. The electronic watch may be subject to interference after the problem, and flight requires high precision, stewardess with the mechanical watch in a special case can give an accurate time to time.

4. to enhance their own temperament, flight attendants with a list, is not to leave a good impression on the passengers (the size of the watch and the shape of a certain requirement Oh)

The following is a stewardess often wear several watches



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