What are the features of the product?

1. Air pressure can random hover, load range is 1-8kg, monitor within 8kg (fixed hole size should be appropriate)
2. The product is mental structure, real materials. quality assurance Will the bracket sink?

Our bracket is regulated by gas spring and will not occur a sunk. What are the requirements for install holes in the bracket? Four fixing screw holes behind the monitor, the distance between the holes is 10*10cm or 7.5*7.5cm What if the distance of the fixing hole behind my monitor is 20*20cm or 20*10cm? Please contact customer service to purchase extension accessories What if I don't have four fixing holes on the back of my monitor? For displays without a mounting hole, contact customer service to purchase a non-porous accessory. (Non-hole accessories are not universal accessories, so buyers need to send pictures of the monitor model or the back of the monitor to the customer service in order to determine whether the non-porous accessories can be used)

If you have any other questions, please contact suport@freshtends.com



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